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Especially fittings with a heavy wall thickness are rarely available from stock. Within a very short time we are in the

position to provide our customers with our products by using round bars and shaping them on demand to a large

variety of components with special diameters, wall thicknesses, and any kind of shapes.



Production spectrum
Category used Standards Article







or other factory standards

Weld Neck Flanges

Blind Flanges


Threaded Flanges

Block Flanges

Spectacle Blinds






or other factory standards



Welding Outlets


High Pressure

Threaded Fittings






Mechanically machined pipe

sleeves for heavy wall thickness

Work pieces








Two-Part T-pieces

Square Neck Flanges


Production according to drawing

AFS produces from its well-equipped stock (originating from Western Europe - mainly from Germany) Flanges,Tee-Pieces, Reducers, Threaded Fittings, Pipe Sleeves and special products. The following materials are permanently available on our stock:

(as a matter of course we are able to machine other kinds of material as well. The material would be obtained from

the market or would be forged according to our customers orders)

Material-No. Material Grade - Certification acc. DIN / EN Material Grade - Certification acc. ASTM / ASME AD-2000
 1.4404 X2CrNiMo17-12-2 - DIN 17440 / EN 10222-5 / EN 10272 ASTM A182 F316/F316L / ASME SA182 F316/F316L  W2/W10
 1.4462 X2CrNiMoN22-5-3 - VdTÜV 418 / EN 10222-5 / EN 10272 ASTM A182 F51 / UNS S31803 W2/W10
 1.4501 X2CrNiMoCuWN25-7-4 - EN 10088-3 ASTM A182 F55 / UNS S32760  
 1.4539 X1NiCrMoCuN25-20-5 - EN 10088-3 ASTM A182 F904/F904L W2
 1.4541 X6CrNiTi18-10 - DIN 17440 / EN 10222-5 / EN 10272 ASTM A182 F321/F321H / ASME SA182 F321 W2/W10
 1.4550 X6CrNiNb18-10 - EN 10088-3 ASTM A182 F347 W2
 1.4571 X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2 - DIN 17440 / EN 10222-5 / EN 10272 ASTM A182 F316(Ti) / ASME SA182 F316(Ti) W2/W10
 1.4841 X15CrNiSi25-20 - EN 10095 / SEW 470    
 1.0460 X15CrNiSi25-20 - EN 10095 / SEW 470 ASTM A105N / ASME SA105N W13
 1.0565 WSTE355 / P355NH - DIN 17102 / EN 10273   W13
1.0566/1.0571 TSTE355 / P355QH1 - DIN 17102 / DIN 17103 / EN 10222-4 ASTM A350 LF2 Class 1 W13
 1.0570 St52.3 / S355J2G3N - DIN 1013 / EN 10025   W13
 1.4901 X10CrWMoVNb9-2 - VdTÜV 552/3 ASTM A182 F92 W13
 1.4903 X10CrMoVNb9-1 - VdTÜV 511/3 / EN 10222-2 ASTM A182 F91 / ASME SA182 F91 W13
 1.4922 X20CrMoV12-1 - VdTÜV 110   W13
 1.5415 15Mo3 / 16Mo3 - DIN 17243 / EN 10222-2 / EN 10273   W13
 1.6368 15NiCuMoNb5 - VdTÜV 377/3   W13
 1.7362 12CrMo195 - VdTÜV 007/3 ASTM A182 F5 / ASME SA182 F5 W13
 1.7386 X12CrMo9-1 in Anlg. EN 10216-2 ASTM A182 F9 / ASME SA182 F9 W13
    ASTM A182 F11 Class 2 / ASME SA182 F11 Class 2  
 1.7335 13CrMo44 / 13CrMo4-5 - DIN 17243 / EN 10222-2 / EN 10273 ASTM A182 F12 Class 2 / ASME SA182 F12 Class 2 W13
1.7380/1.7383 10CrMo910 / 11CrMo9-10 - DIN 17243 / EN 10222-2 / EN 10273 ASTM A182 F22 Class 3 / ASME SA182 F22 Class 3 W13

Manufacturing Process: hot rolled (EN 10273 / EN 10272) up to and including round 140 mm / forged (EN 10222-2/4/5) bigger than Round 140 mm (Exception:P355QH1 is stocked from round 70 mm in forged execution)

Machining of semi-finished products
 Contract manufacturing
Neutral delivery
Certification acc. EN 10204
Design examinations of pressure parts
Different tests on prematerial and finished products


Approval / Certification:



AFS Fittings Service Achim GmbH&Co.KG is certified according to Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU) and monitored according to AD 2000 - W0 by TÜV Nord Systems GmbH & Co. KG waived of counter-signature.

Therefore we can issue certificates acc. to EN 10204/3.1 right after production.

Our company is an approved manufacturer by Lloyd`s Register and is authorized for stamping in the manufacturing process.


Our quality management is monitored frequently by external audits acc. to ISO 9001.


TÜV certification and material testing is carried out several times per week. The certificates will be submitted via email

at the same time the delivery takes place, even if the certification has been carried out according to EN 10204

3.2 TÜV. Classification societies such as LR, DNV, BV, GL or IRB are ordered in on customer’s demand.


Packing / Transportation:


Within a reasonable range we are in a position to supply our customers directly by our own vehicle. Within Germany and Europe we work together with logistic partners and express services which enable us to assure very short delivery times. Above that we offer a delivery by our own neutral vehicle in the name of our customer along with our customer’s documents directly to the construction site. Thus, our products reach their destination directly within the shortest time possible.


Material Testing:


In order to realize customer specification, we regularly carry out destructive and non-destructive material testing in our

own facility together with specialized partners. Testing such as Charpy Test, tensile test (also for higher temperatures),

Yield Strength, Micro-Section, Sample Core, Product Analysis, Hardness Test, US-Test, Surface Crack Test (MT/PT) and

many more are among our scope. In combination with compliance of chemical limitation of chemical values we fulfill

for example OMV-/ Alstom- / Siemens- Specifications or Exxon Sour Gas Service.


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